Laryngitis Treatment

Viral pharyngitis usually goes away by itself without treatment and lasts for several days. For this reason permanent laryngitis is a warning sign that there is something else, and not just an unpleasant virus, causing hoarseness and sore throat.

So if it is a viral infection you can alleviate laryngitis symptoms, but if it is a bacterial infection the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. The therapy lasts from 7-10 days and you have to take the entire course of even though you start to feel better.

Premature interruption of treatment may lead to later infection. With the cause of allergy doctor will prescribe antihistamines to reduce swelling and inflammation. But for a severe allergic reaction in which breathing is difficult you will get stereoid systemic medications. If a sore throat is caused by excessive, you do not need medication, the best solution to rest the voice.

Laryngitis Treatment

Throat examination

To regain a voice a good choice is to gargle your throat with sage tea or white oak bark tea..

As for nutrition, larger quantities of raw fruits and vegetables and reduced consumption of refined carbohydrates, as well as taking plenty of fluids are recommended to speed up your recovery.

Also, it would be good to reinforce your immune system by adding your diet vitamin C, beta carotene (vitamin A) and garlic, which is now available in capsules.

To rest your body and voice to the full extent is the best thing to do. If you must speak anyway- it’s better to whisper. Drink plenty of fluids like water or tea with some honey and lemon. Breathe in steam from pot of boiling water, and put warm compresses around the neck.

Laryngitis Prevention

The best way to prevent a sore throat is to avoid overuse of voice and provide sufficient rest after excessive use. If you are prone to sore throats, avoid cigarette smoke and other toxic substances from the environment. If you think that the situation is caused by allergic reactions to certain foods, make sure to remove suspicious types from your diet and then reintroduced them one by one.

Laryngitis Treatment
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