Laryngitis Symptoms

If your voice gets hoarse or even gets lost entirely, accompanied with pain in throat, you most probably have laryngitis. It could happen at summer as a result of consuming cold beverage or ice cream but it’s more likely at winter when all sorts of virus infection are common.

What are the symptoms of laryngitis?

The usual symptoms of laryngitis are hoarse voice, painful larynx, increased body temperature, sore throat and/or hard swallowing.

Laryngitis Symptoms

Laryngitis symptoms can vary.

The most common symptom is hoarse voice; in two or three days patient could even lose his voice entirely. Speaking can become highly painful. High temperature or some other symptoms similar to those of flu can accure as well.

Other symptoms of laryngitis depending on how inflamed your larynx is can be:

  • Losing your voice (aphonia)
  • Fever (high temperature)
  • A sore throat
  • Pain when you use your voice
  • Constantly wanting to clear your throat
  • Difficult swallowing

Majority of patients get well after few days but laryngitis sometimes can become permanent especially with patients who suffer from sinusitis or chronic bronchitis. Laryngitis symptoms alone do not dissapear after the infection is terminated – hoarse voice can prolonge even a week longer after recovery.

Laryngitis symptoms are commonly affiliated to some other diseases such as chronical lungs diseases, cardiovascular problems, various tumors, inflamed nose or larynx.

What to do when you have symptoms of laryngitis?

If the symptoms of laryngitis are obvious and yet you’re in good health, the best thing is to stay at home, rest your voice, do not smoke or drink alcohol until inflamation is terminated. That shouldn’t last more than four-five days. If it lasts a whole week or more, you should go to your doctor who should examine your larynx for possible infection/inflamation. If there is no signs of inflamatory process then it isn’t laryngitis so other diagnostics (and possible hospitalisation) may be required.
If it turns out you have chronic bronchitis, sinusitis or tuberculosis, the proper therapy for basic disease will take care of laryngitis as well. Your doctor could advise you to stop smoking, to drink moderatly and even to change your work if it’s necessary.

Possible dangers of laryngitis

Principal danger of laryngitis – it can be the symptom of existing tumor. In rare cases, when painful swallowing and pain in ears are connected with hoarse voice, it could be a sign of tuberculosis. If you’re not sure that you have laryngitis do not wait – go to your doctor immediately.

Laryngitis Symptoms
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