How to Prevent Laryngitis in Babies

A large number of spring viruses attack the larynx, including the vocal cords. This results with the inflammation of laryngitis, which is manifested by a hoarse cough that sounds horrible.

Laryngitis occurs mainly without fever, but if it appears, it never exceeds 38.5 degrees. If the child still gets a high fever it is most probably caused by a different virus. Then your little fellow desponds, and he or she refuses to eat or drink, it gets difficult to regulate high temperature, it rises rapidly and the first few days there is no cough, a runny nose also occurs. It happens that the situation gets out of control and the child’s medical conditions gets complicated. Then, pediatricians often have to deal with inflammation of the middle ear, and in older children with sinusitis.

Persistent cough

How to prevent laryngitis in babies

The virus attacks the throat, causing swelling, a decrease of baby’s appetite, a discharge from the nose along with the direct damage to the mucous membranedue to the virus often causes persistent and annoying cough. It often confuses parents who think that the toddler coughs from the lungs and that the infection moved down the bronchi. You must know that the secretion is not in the lungs because the mucus cells that are there have “hair” that “push” the discharge from the bottom up.

Thus, the content of the bronchi returns to the throat causing the child to cough. Therefore, this cough is classified as stimulatory. Virus, not a discharge, can settle in the bronchi mucosa and cause bronchitis or pneumonia. Fortunately, most of these viruses “love” the upper airways. Various teas and herbal cough syrups will support expelling mucus from the throat.

How to prevent laryngitis?

Microorganisms appear mostly with the shift of seasons, especially when the air temperature begins to rise. They can not be isolated from the air, but you ca prepare your toddler for their arrival. Reinforce your toddler’s immunity from an early age, “stuff” him or with fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh natural juices, whole (not white) grains. With this kind of nutrition a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals will be introduces into the child’s organism. Take your toddler for a walk on daily basis. Do not wait just sunny and warm days, with adequate clothing, and fresh air will go down well on your baby.

How to Prevent Laryngitis in Babies
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