Ginger tea

Ginger tea has great significance during the winter months, because it destroys viruses that cause cold and it is also verified as useful natural remedy for laryngitis. Considering the fact that it is characterized by its anti-viral properties, ginger contains large amounts of substances which have the ability to destroy all viruses in the body responsible for the common cold.

Laryngitis is most commonly a consequence of an inflammation, often viral, which results in hoarseness. Symptoms of laryngitis usually appear 12 to 24 hours and vary depending on the cause. Most often they include hoarseness, cough, gradual loss of voice and sore throat, especially when we’re talking.

For both types of laryngitis, resting your voice will help to relieve the pain and avoid further damage to the vocal cords. Laryngitis caused by a viral inflammation usually withdraws with mild tea treatment, homeopathic remedies, bee products and etc… It can even withdraw if you do not treat it, but you’ll prolong suffering from this problem.

The treatment of laryngitis with Ginger tea

Ginger teaIf you have laryngitis, it is best to remain silent as long as possible and to drink ginger tea. Ginger is effective against viruses. Experts recommend that ginger tea, which is abundant in minerals and vitamins should be consumed daily, especially in winter months when danger of viruses is increasingly expressed.

Ginger tea is the most effective natural cure for the common cold, it calms the cough, boosts immunity and prevents cold.


Ginger is a tropical spice plant that is very reminiscent of the reed. The plant can grow up to one meter in height, and its roots are fleshy and thick as a finger, they can grow up to 20 centimeters in length and they are very aromatic. The aroma of the root is pleasant with a lemon scent and the taste is sweet and very spicy and very fresh. Due to positive action on health, ginger is a common ingredient in various dishes and drinks.

Ginger root is rich in minerals such as potassium, copper, magnesium and manganese, and vitamin C, vitamin B group, as well as in a small amount of pantothenic acid and niacin.

GingerGinger has antiseptic effect and calms down cough, and for this it is used as an addition to hot drinks during winter. Ginger tea with honey is the best known home remedy in the United States for the treatment of cough in children.

Fresh ginger juice, mixed with the juice of fresh garlic and honey is used as a remedy for asthma.

Ginger tea recipe

Ginger tea is prepared very simply. Buy fresh, whole ginger root. Peel the ginger root, grate or chop it into rings. Place the ginger slices in boiling water. You‘ll need to cook it for 10-15 minutes.
After this, allow it to stand for 15 minutes, and then filtrate the tea. The tea is best when you drink it without any additives. If it’s not tasty to you, you can add honey and lemon.

This beverage is a fantastic way to protect against colds, flu and viruses that attack the respiratory system. Ginger contains a dozen antiviral compounds that act antivirally. In the first place these are sesquiterpenes, compounds that act on the rhinoviruses. Gingerol reduces pain, reduce fever, cough and prevent cough and it has a gentle soothing effect.

How to choose a quality ginger?

If you’ve never bought ginger before, finding a fresh piece can be very difficult. First, smell it – if the scent is strong, then this is a healthy ginger. It would be best to taste it. If the taste is hot and intense, this is certainly a real ginger. Ginger can be found in most supermarkets, but it is better to get it in health food stores since it probably fresher there.

Side Effects

Ginger is toxic only in extremely high doses. Furthermore, a larger quantity of ginger (over 5 grams) in some people can cause side effects: nausea, heartburn, stomach pain and dizziness. It is obligatory for pregnant women to consult the physician before consuming ginger!

For some people, ginger can cause elevated body temperature. Also if you have gallstones, ginger can worsen the symptoms. Always consult your doctor before you use it, as it can weaken or strengthen the effect of drugs that are taken against chronic diseases.

Ginger tea
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